We would be delighted to hear from you at: stuart@primalrunning.gg or contact a committee member
St Peter Port - Guernsey Scottish Association


Membership Secretary

Stuart Hardie (Pro Tem)

Les Buttes

St Peters



Tel: 01481 263991

Email: stuart@primalrunning.gg


Annual Membership Fees

The membership year commences 1st May

Single - £5.00

Couple - £10.00

Family - £12.00

Overseas - £5.00 per household


Downloadable Membership Form


If you are unable to print a membership form, please complete the details below for each person and forward to Stuart at his address, provided above, together with a cheque made out to;

The Guernsey Scottish Association


Personal Details

Full Name(s)


Telephone Number; Mobile Number; Email address;

Names of children, (for family membership)


Paying by Standing Order

Our preference is to collect annual membership fees by standing order on or about the 1st May each year.

It would help us if you would agree to this method of payment by completing the Standing Order Form at the bottom of the membership form.